A collection of audio plugins made for the MOD Duo multi-effects pedal,
that started during my internship at MOD Devices in Berlin.
Eventually this led to the developement of the MOD Duo Package in Cycling ‘74 Max.


As of June, an updated version of Shiroverb (MkII) is out in the MOD Plugin Marketplace!


Larynx Modulay Shiroverb Harmless


  • Larynx is a simple sine-modulated vibrato with a tone control for a more lo-fi sound. V2 will add waveshaping and an lfo to modulate the depth and rate parameters at the same time.
  • Modulay is an analog-style delay with variable types of modulation based on the setting of the morph control. All the way counterclockwise is chorus, 12 o’clock is vibrato, and all the way clockwise is flanger. With every setting in between morphing from one effect to the other.
  • Shiroverb is a shimmer-reverb based on the “Gigaverb”-genpatch, ported from the implementation by Juhana Sadeharju, and the “Pitch-Shift”-genpatch, both found in Cycling ‘74 Max.
  • Harmless is a waveshapeable harmonic tremolo with a stereo phase control.