Otomori is an educative audio-game platform that let's kids in primary school learn about music and sound in playful way, without the extra assistence of a teacher. By way of minigames, children train various musical competences to reach the target goals of the course Music. Because of the auditive aspect of Otomori, children also improve their general listening-skills. The system also adapts to the skills of the player. Otomori is a helpful addition to music lessons in primary school, without extra preperation for teachers.

Otomori is a joint effort. Timo Hoogland and I are working to make Otomori happen as a contribution to the goal of the foundation “Meer Muziek in de Klas” (More Music in the Classroom).



From the 24th of January till the 28th of January Otomori was displayed at the Nationale Onderwijs Tentoonstelling (NOT) in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht. After Queen Maxima opened the fair she visited the stand and watched two children play, and also tried Otomori herself. During the rest of the week we got some great feedback from a lot of teachers visiting the fair who were very enthusiastic about the concept of the platform.