As it was originally meant for triggering samples, these are three of the Max for Live devices that turn the Novation Launchpad into something else entirely. Place the Max for Live device somewhere between track 1 and 8, and it maps automatically to a button on the right side of the Novation Launchpad. Each device can be used on multiple tracks, or with a combination of the other Max for Live devices.


A grid-instrument with sustain, hold, and Ableton Live transport-synced note-repeat and arpeggiator. The most common keys and scales can be selected on the screen in Ableton Live, or added if needed.


This Ableton Live transport-synced probabilistic step-sequencer has seven patterns that can be chained together, with a force of random if you want.


Bounce like a Tenori-On, but with multiple Ableton Live-transport synced speeds and changing heights.